Ancient disposable

Holidays always call for some spring cleaning. Well that is exactly what I found myself doing. Luckily it was quite rewarding as I found a old undeveloped disposable camera from 2005. I immediately went to get it developed and it brought back such wonderful memories.

sleepy cows
cotton fields




Last week a little baby beauty turned sixteen and while sifting through tons of photos for her card I found some great shots of the prettiest little fairy anyone has ever laid their eyes on! I thought to myself that it would be a crime for me not to share something so great with all of you so here are my favourites of favourite:

light it up
light it up
what you lookin at
what you lookin at
absolute babe
absolute babe
the blue door
the blue door
shopping mall rooftops are far better than shopping mall shops
shopping mall rooftops are far better than shopping mall shops
chug chug chug
chug chug chug

Feeling Good

Formal dances always sort of seem like a waste of time to me.  Being a sort of tomboy wearing a dress isn’t my cup of tea. Here are the films that were taken though.

That being said my dress is carefully folded away in my cupboard only to be brought out in dire situations.

F1020018F1020012 F1020016 F1020017


I had this film developed a few days ago. The pictures didn’t exactly goes as planned but nonetheless some were worth the wait. I also completely forgot about half the films I had on the roll. It is always quite a surprise when you get them back then.

Dimi and Milo. Dimi’s the dog.
The farm
rediscovering computer games
hidden graffiti
we sort of got a a tad bit lost and ended up exploring the mini cave.
abandoned house.
on top of the abandoned house
more hidden graffiti

F1010014 F1010010 F1010019 F1010016

my first film roll

Picking up bits of glass. Long story short: emily threw water on annie, so annie threw the glass at emily.
oh sweet baby
little monkey
the poolside
joints and jan van riebeeck
dark and light, day and night

Burn baby burn

Initially I decided I didn’t want to go to AfrikaBurn this year. I thought to myself I want to forget what it feels like and that way when I go next year it will feel as though I am experiencing it again for the first time.

The closer it gets to the Burn the more I regret that decision. AfrikaBurn is definitely one of the best events I have attended. Although I have only been twice it envelops your whole being. Being able to experience that utter freedom. Not only in the artworks and the music but the environment.

I would wake up in the mornings and stroll over to the coffee “shop” where you could help yourself to, free of charge, coffee and rusks. Most people gathered there in the mornings and shared their stories of their adventurous evening.

I am definitely going to miss staring up at the night sky with the slow murmur of voices passing theme camps. I am going to miss the sun setting and casting its colours on the artworks. The list, naturally, carries on but I will end it here.

Let’s allow the reminiscing to continue but rather through these pictures I took last year.

F1550003 F1550007 F1550009 F1550011 F1550012 F1550013 F1550014 F1550002 F1550016