Our little addiction

So we have a crazy obsession with music. Our favourite being deep/melodic house. We snapped some photos with our favourite DJ’s. I also added links to our favourite songs:

Last train – Lexer

My head is a jungle – Wankelmut

Vandaag – Bakermat


Burn baby burn

Initially I decided I didn’t want to go to AfrikaBurn this year. I thought to myself I want to forget what it feels like and that way when I go next year it will feel as though I am experiencing it again for the first time.

The closer it gets to the Burn the more I regret that decision. AfrikaBurn is definitely one of the best events I have attended. Although I have only been twice it envelops your whole being. Being able to experience that utter freedom. Not only in the artworks and the music but the environment.

I would wake up in the mornings and stroll over to the coffee “shop” where you could help yourself to, free of charge, coffee and rusks. Most people gathered there in the mornings and shared their stories of their adventurous evening.

I am definitely going to miss staring up at the night sky with the slow murmur of voices passing theme camps. I am going to miss the sun setting and casting its colours on the artworks. The list, naturally, carries on but I will end it here.

Let’s allow the reminiscing to continue but rather through these pictures I took last year.

F1550003 F1550007 F1550009 F1550011 F1550012 F1550013 F1550014 F1550002 F1550016


Hugs are in my opinion one of man’s greatest inventions/ideas/creations haha I dont know how classify them but I do know that they are fabby!

Hugs make my heart warm and fuzzy and they make me say things like “fuzzy” anyway I love hugs and I love the people who give them to me even more. And I honestly think that the reason Argentinians are generally happy people is because they literally hug each other every time they say hello and goodbye. So yeah point made and proven: if you want a happy life hug hug hug!

Here are some super shots of belliebun sharing a good hug:

fallin for ya
fallin for ya