Blue Boy

 Okay so this post is a fashion post of sorts. Well kind of. You see we are absolutely obsessed with boys clothes and we don’t just admire it we wear it! And we look mighty fine doing so, even if I do say so myself, haha. But we do of course get some judgement… For example when we went to try on our lovely blue boy shorts and t-shirts (that we wear as dresses) a lady that worked at the fitting room said in a rather unfriendly manner “you do know those are for men” and we simply replied “obviously we know” and gave her the evil eye! We love our boys-clothes and we won’t ever let anyone make us feel like we can’t wear it! 

What you should take from this little fashion post of ours: 

  1. Give menswear a shot (protip: long johns make great pjs) 
  2. Wear whatever you want and don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about what you are wearing! 

Burn baby burn

Initially I decided I didn’t want to go to AfrikaBurn this year. I thought to myself I want to forget what it feels like and that way when I go next year it will feel as though I am experiencing it again for the first time.

The closer it gets to the Burn the more I regret that decision. AfrikaBurn is definitely one of the best events I have attended. Although I have only been twice it envelops your whole being. Being able to experience that utter freedom. Not only in the artworks and the music but the environment.

I would wake up in the mornings and stroll over to the coffee “shop” where you could help yourself to, free of charge, coffee and rusks. Most people gathered there in the mornings and shared their stories of their adventurous evening.

I am definitely going to miss staring up at the night sky with the slow murmur of voices passing theme camps. I am going to miss the sun setting and casting its colours on the artworks. The list, naturally, carries on but I will end it here.

Let’s allow the reminiscing to continue but rather through these pictures I took last year.

F1550003 F1550007 F1550009 F1550011 F1550012 F1550013 F1550014 F1550002 F1550016

Fond memories

Gathering from our other posts it is rather obvious that we are quite obsessed with taking Film photographs. I think it is the way in which you never know what you are going to get until the day you fetch your film. It creates that extra bit of spice in one’s life. It also, in my opinion, makes one less prone to perfection. When I take photo’s on my digital camera I sift through them and always end up with only one I truly like. Whereas with film each picture is worth so much more.

I remember when I first starting using my film camera. I would try to compose the perfect picture. I’d always tell my subject (If I were taking a picture of a person) to move until I felt it was the perfect picture. But boy have things changed. Now I snap photos spontaneously and whenever I want. This makes that collection day all the more exciting.

The pictures in this post are sort of misfits because they come from about three different film rolls. They also span across about 5 months.

Grapes and my favourite little girl
Lover boy
shake up a mojito?
21st celebration
My favourite baby

disposable december

Here are some of my favourite pictures (taken on my disposable camera) from one of my favourite december holidays!

the beautiful stranger
best day at disa park
skating in the house
circles around our eyes, circles everywhere
changing film
rooftop pools and katie (two of my favourite things)
drowning in the gap
finn and katie
floating away

disclaimer: all pictures belong to me and may not be used without my permission.