Last week a little baby beauty turned sixteen and while sifting through tons of photos for her card I found some great shots of the prettiest little fairy anyone has ever laid their eyes on! I thought to myself that it would be a crime for me not to share something so great with all of you so here are my favourites of favourite:

light it up
light it up
what you lookin at
what you lookin at
absolute babe
absolute babe
the blue door
the blue door
shopping mall rooftops are far better than shopping mall shops
shopping mall rooftops are far better than shopping mall shops
chug chug chug
chug chug chug

Our little addiction

So we have a crazy obsession with music. Our favourite being deep/melodic house. We snapped some photos with our favourite DJ’s. I also added links to our favourite songs:

Last train – Lexer

My head is a jungle – Wankelmut

Vandaag – Bakermat


Fond memories

Gathering from our other posts it is rather obvious that we are quite obsessed with taking Film photographs. I think it is the way in which you never know what you are going to get until the day you fetch your film. It creates that extra bit of spice in one’s life. It also, in my opinion, makes one less prone to perfection. When I take photo’s on my digital camera I sift through them and always end up with only one I truly like. Whereas with film each picture is worth so much more.

I remember when I first starting using my film camera. I would try to compose the perfect picture. I’d always tell my subject (If I were taking a picture of a person) to move until I felt it was the perfect picture. But boy have things changed. Now I snap photos spontaneously and whenever I want. This makes that collection day all the more exciting.

The pictures in this post are sort of misfits because they come from about three different film rolls. They also span across about 5 months.

Grapes and my favourite little girl
Lover boy
shake up a mojito?
21st celebration
My favourite baby

let’s go back

My Aunt takes incredible pictures and shes been doing it forever!! Though now she only works with digital back in the day before all this fancy technology she took thousands of amazing photos which she developed herself and she recently scanned all her photos in and put them on a hard drive! I spent my day going through all of them and picked a few of my favourites that make me happy and excited and hopefully they have the same effect on you!

karate moon
my older brother and cousin
the cats are looking down on us
mama and baba
behind the lens
darling daleen

disclaimer: all pictures belong to me and may not be used without my permission.