Blondes and bonds

Life has been rather busy as of late. We both started working again. So as you all know work sort of takes over ones life rather quickly if you let it. We all need to do it however and that’s why we can take pleasure in taking photographs, reading a good book or watching a film. Just for that escape from reality. After a long week, which hasn’t even ended yet, I was ecstatic when I received a phone call saying my film has been developed and I could go in to the workshop Β to collect it!

I hope these pictures bring you as much happiness as they did for me when I first looked at them.

Sea Point Pool
Cleaning fish tanks
Blondie number 1
blondie number 2
Hunter and Palesa
New Kitten

F1030002 F1030003 F1030004 F1030005 F1030006 F1030009 F1030013 F1030014 F1030018 F1030021 F1030032 F1030033


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