Burn baby burn

Initially I decided I didn’t want to go to AfrikaBurn this year. I thought to myself I want to forget what it feels like and that way when I go next year it will feel as though I am experiencing it again for the first time.

The closer it gets to the Burn the more I regret that decision. AfrikaBurn is definitely one of the best events I have attended. Although I have only been twice it envelops your whole being. Being able to experience that utter freedom. Not only in the artworks and the music but the environment.

I would wake up in the mornings and stroll over to the coffee “shop” where you could help yourself to, free of charge, coffee and rusks. Most people gathered there in the mornings and shared their stories of their adventurous evening.

I am definitely going to miss staring up at the night sky with the slow murmur of voices passing theme camps. I am going to miss the sun setting and casting its colours on the artworks. The list, naturally, carries on but I will end it here.

Let’s allow the reminiscing to continue but rather through these pictures I took last year.

F1550003 F1550007 F1550009 F1550011 F1550012 F1550013 F1550014 F1550002 F1550016


10 thoughts on “Burn baby burn

    1. We do also take digital photos but Thank you! We do also take digital photos (on normal point and shoot cameras or our phones) but we prefer film, purely for the fun as well as the effect it has on the photos!


      1. 11thofblumpkin says:

        nice ! I do also shoot on film a better and more experience than digital for sure. What camera do you guys use?


      1. 11thofblumpkin says:

        I see that’s nice! soon I will drop some photo’s on film soon. I’m now on vacation in the states (I live in europe) and I’m using my Lubitel 2. Do you guys also develop them selves or a shop?


      2. Oh wow I can’t wait to see how they turn out. That’s going nice and vintage hey? We develop them at a store but we would love to be able to develop our own. Do you develop your own?


      3. 11thofblumpkin says:

        haha yeah it’s an oldie. not yet, when I’m back i’m gonna turn a part of my room into a dark room and then hopefully I will develop them on my own 🙂

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