The perks of being a girl. 

I often really dislike being a girl. Either because I’m being cat-called from across the street or being, basically, stalked by men. It actually makes me an angry person because I always try avoid any eye contact when I walk in the street and I put on my “please don’t bother me” face. Which drives me insane because I do too just want to walk around town and not give a fuck even wear a mini skirt if I like but no no that won’t do now will it.

Well after my ranting about all those awful things, being a girl does bear it’s advantages. I suppose it is because of our “features” .

I worked at an event yesterday and I was tipped rather generously. Afterwards I started thinking was it because I was genuinely a good waitress or because I was a girl. I guess the answer is rather obvious here.

I really wish society can start moving forward and away from this gender split world. I mean is it really that difficult to have a conversation with a girl without thinking about what is under her “oh so tight” mini dress?

I suppose it isn’t fair that I’m making such a generalized opinion here but I was rather upset about the way I was treated by some of the men at the event and just thought I should air my thoughts.


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